• Production Line

     RECCAZR has the following production lines and/or workshops:


    1,Tooling/mold houses that are for plastic mold,silicone mold


    2,Workshops for plastic injection,molding silicone parts


    3,Assembly workshops for assembling keyboard mouse etc


    RECCAZR have a pool of engineers who have different technical backgrounds (from

    mechanical designing, software programming, automation, electronics to artistic designing)

    and have been working in the industry for years even over two decades, the steps for new

    product development are shown as follows:


    1, Understanding your ideas/concepts

    If you don’t have any technical drawings and simply some ideas or concepts in your minds, the

    project will begin with understanding how you would like to use your product, and what

    purpose it will serve….etc.


    2, Building tooling/mould

    If there is no existing tooling/mould available, then building new tooling/mould is a must.


    3, Prototyping

    Once new tooling/mould is completed, we will provide samples to you for your evaluation and



    4, Mass production

    After the samples are approved by you, mass production will begin


    5, Delivery of finished products

    We will deliver finished products to you according to your instructions or provide shipping

    solutions or advices to assist you


    6, Technical support and after-sale service

    We will provide necessary technical supports and aftersale service to you on the products, let

    you have a peace of mind, no worry, no headache.


    For entirely new products, there may be development cost and tooling/mould cost (or called

    NRE fees) depending on specific conditions, your inquiries are welcome, our professional

    staff will get in touch with you for further details and get back proposals to you.

  • R&D

    RECCAZR regards R&D as a powerful engine that can make us move faster on the right track

    and keep us apart from our competitors.


    RECCAZR invests heavily in recruiting and keeping experienced engineers,creating a

    harmonious working environment for them,providing necessary training to them.